Randall Leeds

A full-stack polyglot, systems architect and bricoleur crafting solutions for a complex society.


BSc, Computer Science; Brown University (Providence, RI)

Employment History

Medal (Jan. 2016 — Dec. 2016)

As the first full-time engineering hire, I recruited a team of engineers to develop solutions for medical records management in clinical and research settings.

Python (Django), C#, Amazon Web Services, Docker, Terraform

Hypothes.is (Dec. 2011 — Sep. 2015)

I worked as technical lead of a not-for-profit initiative to develop open source annotation services, supporting digital research, publishing and pedagogy.

Python (Pyramid), JavaScript (AngularJS), Elasticsearch, PostgreSQL, Amazon Web Services, Ansible, Docker

Meebo (Sep. 2009 — Dec. 2011)

Python (Gevent, Twisted), C, Erlang, CouchDB, Cassandra, Redis, Graphite, Nginx, Puppet

Technical Experience


I am active as a maintainer of the popular Gunicorn WSGI server.


I have contributed numerous performance, security, and feature improvements to the popular Apache CouchDB NoSQL database.

White House Champions of Change

At a conference hackathon, I co-developed a prototype directory for social services organizations, obtaining an invitation to an Open Data round-table with administration officials and other honorees.

Programming Languages

Python: I have 7 years of professional experience developing real-time messaging systems, Web APIs, deployment infrastructure, and libraries.

JavaScript: I have 5 years of experience, including work with Angular, Browserify, Babel, and other popular frameworks and tools.

In addition, I am comfortable working in C, C#, Java, or Erlang, and have a basic comprehension of Ruby, Golang and more.

Familiar tools

AWS, CouchDB, Docker, Elasticsearch, G Suite, Git, JIRA, PostgreSQL, Terraform, ZFS, Zsh and much more.

Other skills